Poslat známému

Rated thermal output:   25.00 kW
Efficiency: 90 %
Specified fuel: * Wood, Wood briquettes
Fuel consumption at rated output: 7.50 kg / hod
Burning period of the full fuel load: ** 4.5 hod
Stoking area depth (max. logs lenght):: 500 mm
Stoking area capacity:: 125 l
Flue gas neck diameter:: 160 mm
Specified operational chimney draught: 15.00 Pa
Height (without smoke flue cover):: 1195 mm
Width: 648 mm
Depth: 1100 mm
Total weight: 430.00 kg

The guarantee period of the boiler body is extended to 7 years!

The boiler VERNER GN25D is a pyrolitic (gasification) boiler for lump wood, wood briquettes and wood waste, designed with respect to the reduction of wall rusting danger. The inner walls are made of stainless steel.

The boiler has a heavy ceramic lining with microreinforcement for long term permanent heat assuring. The boiler is designed for economical and comfortable heating including heating of hot water in buildings such as houses, cottages, shops, workshops, etc.

Stainless steel design – 7 year guarantee for boiler body
As the only Czech manufacturer we offer boiler with internal walls made of quality stainless steel. This materiál is extremely resistant to harmful substances that may accompany this method of combustion.

Economical and environmentally friendly operation
High efficiency, excellent performance control and quality boiler insulation saves fuel and time of operator. The boiler also excels in low electricity consumption and ecological operation, that meets the exacting standards on the Czech market and also abroad.

Huge stoking chamber – wood length up to 50 cm
In the stoking chamber, there is possibility to burn wood with length of 50cm without any problems. Also it is possible to burn wood chips or wood briquettes. Big stoking chamber together with perfect power control and high efficiency ensures very long time of burning for one dose of fuel.

Massive and time proven design
At first glance it is obvious, that this is a robust boiler with an ingenious design, that is verified by customers since 1991, when we introduced the first gasification boiler on the Czech market. Due to the continuous improvements, this boiler is one of the most popular boilers in the market.

Excellent boiler control
Thermal power of the boiler VERNER GN25D is controlled by electronic regulator, which measures the temperature of boiler water, flue gas temperature (or room temperature) and on the basis of these values it controls the burning process. This ensures high comfort of operation and high combustion efficiency.

Czech quality and first-class workmanship
Our standard is our precision and craftmanship and also buying materials and parts from Czech suppliers.

The boiler can be on request equipped with lambda sonde.
The combustion process is controlled by a lambda probe, which evaluates the oxygen content in the flue gas and according to measured data, it controls the optimum amount of supply of primary and secondary air. This system is one of the most advanced process of control of combustion with fuel savings of up to 25% compared to control without lambda probe.

The boiler VERNER GN25D can be equipped by hanging turbulators for maximal efficiency. The usage of these turbulators is suitable for burning of high quality dry fuel.