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The boiler VERNER G25D is a pyrolitic (gasification) boiler…

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Are you looking for the right boiler for lump wood?

One of the most important factor at choosing of the boiler for lump wood is the optimum choice of the heat output. The heat output of the boiler should correspond with the heat loss of the building. This heat loss should be calculated by some heating designer. Here is applied an unambiguous principle. Buy a boiler which will heat most of the heating season at the the rated output. Good gasification boiler can heat the house in the transition period even at smaller output. The excess output of the boiler can be accumulated into the storage tank.

There are a few types of boilers on the market. Regarding design, the most simple boilers with bad regulation and also least efficient are so called lower combustion boilers and non-gasification boilers. Conversely, the most advanced and most efficient are gasification boilers. But during this way of burning there are formed some substances that can decrease the lifetime of the boiler. Significant life extension can be achieved by a suitable material that is used for the boiler body (drum). Provenly the only material, that can resist to the harmful substances from this way of burning, is stainless steel. The other important thing is that the boiler should be profesionally installed.

When choosing a concrete brand of ecologic gasification boiler, we are interested mainly in the facts, so that the boiler would have the lowest fuel consumption, would be reliable, operation would be comfortable and mainly the lifetime of boiler would be long as much as possible.

One of the most requested boilers for lump wood on the Czech market is a wood gasification boiler VERNER GN25D with rated output of 25kW and with boiler body from stainless steel with a warranty of 7 years. Thanks to the very high efficiency and extended exchanger , the boiler has a very small fuel consumption. There is of course a comfortable operation, that is ensured by the electronic control board and huge stoking chamber.