you can buy VERNER products from our sales representatives and sellers in your country or eventually directly in VERNER SK company.
Sales representative or seller who sells and installs any VERNER product to you is obliged to ensure guarantee and after-guarantee service to this product.

We would like to remind you, that you can get best prices from our contracting business partners.


Sole representation and counseling center for United Kingdom

Ashburn Stoves Limited


VERNER SK s.r.o. doesn`t support the sale of VERNER products through the internet shops. In any case, don`t buy VERNER products from internet shops or auctions. If you buy products by this way, the products may not be complete, can be damaged and that`s why our company can not recognize guarantee to these products. The condition for guarantee recognition is installation of our products according to the oepration and installation manual.

Our aim is satisfied customer, which will come back.

Sales representatives and sellers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland are authorised to sell and install the VERNER products only to customers in their appropriate country.

You can get some information about business partner in your country at