Interior boilers and fireplace stoves with exchanger

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VERNER 13/10.2

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VERNER 13/10

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How to properly choose the interior boiler or fireplace stove with exchanger?

Are you thinking about buying of above standard fireplace stove with exchanger and don´t you know what to do? Then here we have some basic information, which can help you with this choice.

Before choosing of the interior boiler or fireplace stove, firstly you have to determine the purpose of this product and how big building do you want to heat up. At the beginning it is necessary to properly determine their performance (heat output). Generally speaking, regarding common family houses, it is enough to have 1 kW of output for the space of 10 m2 with the ceiling height of 2,5 m.

However the need for accurate thermal output and its rate into the room and into the heating system should be professionally calculated by some heating designer.

If the heat output is too high, it is not possible to warm up the stove sufficiently, there are problems with tarring, smoking and the glass is dirty. Conversely the stove with small output is not able to heat the premises, this stove is overheated to maximum and can be damaged.

The other important parameter is the share of heat output into the room and into the heating system. Interior boilers and fireplace stoves of VERNER brand are characterized by maximum heat output into the heating system. This prevents overheating of the interior, where the stove is located. For the operation comfort are also necessary the details as the automatic cleaning of the exchanger, movable grate, long time of burning and perfect heat output control.

Regarding fuel, the most common used fuel for the interior boiler or fireplace stove with exchanger is a lump wood (pieces of wood), wood briquettes or wood chips.