Boiler VERNER 13/10.1

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Rated thermal output:   9.00 kW
Rated capacity transferred by the stove surface: 7.00 kW
Rated capacity transferred into heating system:: 2.00 kW
Efficiency: 87 %
Specified fuel: * Wood, Wood briquettes
Fuel consumption at rated output: 2.50 kg / hod
Burning period of the full fuel load: ** 2-3 hod
Stoking area capacity:: 50 l
Flue gas neck diameter:: 160 mm
Specified operational chimney draught: 15.00 Pa
Height (without smoke flue cover):: 1254 mm
Standard ashbin capacity: 16 dm³
Width: 590 mm
Depth: 470 mm
Total weight: 235.00 kg

Interior boiler VERNER 13/10.1 with increased power adjustability (reduced power)

Fascination with the magical experience of looking into the burning flames. Fire is not only a pleasant source of radiant heat, but also sensual and soothing experience, which you can now enjoy together with your loved ones.

This perfect experience affords you the interior boiler VERNER 13/10.1 with minimal demands on the operation, with optimum performance, modern look and traditionally excellent functionality.

New generation of VERNER boilers combines the biggest advantages of boilers and fireplace stoves.

Low operation costs – efficiency 87,4%
Modern design together with high efficiency and system of clean or terciary combustion ensure very low operation costs with minimal environmental impact.

Main source of heat with excellent output regulation
Interior boiler with rated output 13 kW can be adjusted in the range 4,5 – 10 kW. Thanks to the wide range of output the boiler is recommended to be used as the main source of heat for continuous operation. Boiler can be used also as a supplementary heating device and in combination with natural gas heating or electrical energy, then it is possible to save up to 50% of operating costs per season.

Extremely long and automatically controlled stable heat function - up to 12 hours
Interior boiler VERNER includes a thermostatic regulator and flue gas temperature sensor. This technology controls the needed air supply for keeping the interior boiler in optimum temperature necessary for long burning. After coming home from work or after the arrival of the all-day trip you don´t have to ignite the boiler again, but it is only enough to stoke again.

Large share of power to the heating system (min. 87%) at full and also at reduced output
Thanks to bulky exchanger, the boiler is suitable also for new buildings in low-energy standard. Maximum power is transmitted into the heating system and the interior boiler does not overheat room, where it is located. So there is ensured excellent and especially uniform heating of the entire building.

Advanced technology and safety operation
Of course there is in-built cooling loop that protects the boiler against overheating and other comfort enhancing features such as automatic cleaning of the exchanger or special movable grate.

Possibility of double-sided fuel stoking – totally clean operation
Interior boiler is produced also in version with rear fuel stoking. The boiler can be operated from other room, so there is no necessity to manipulate with fuel and ash in the living room. This makes possible to use this boiler also in interiors with high demands on purity. The boiler is thus suitable also for allergy sufferers and people sensitive to dust.

Modern design
Elegant and aesthetically balanced appearance, choice of many color variations, optimal boiler dimensions with a large glass together with in-built capability allow sensitive integration into all types of interiors.

“Rinse the glass” system
Thanks to pre-heated air and very clean burning we can keep the glass clean. So you can enjoy a great feeling from „open fire“ for a long time.

Czech quality and first-class workmanship
Our standard is our precision and craftmanship and also buying materials and parts from Czech suppliers. We know for example, that manual welding is so far irreplaceable and welding of interior boilers proceed entirely only manually by the best welders in the field. Just so we can guarantee the desired properties of welds and quality.

Skiing in the Austrian Alps All Inclusive for every fourth heating season
Everyday firing up, frequent stoking and cleaning is already past for you. With interior boiler VERNER with proper operation, you can save not only time spent on operation, but thanks to the excellent design and high efficiency, you can also save the considerable amount of money. After four heating seasons, you can save the amount, that you can afford holiday e.g. to Austrian Alps. Don´t you believe? You can find proof here.

VERNER 13/10.1 is produced in two variants:

                                        without rear stoking                               with rear stoking