NOVELTY: Automatic boiler VERNER A602 for burning of all pellets and grain.

At the moment, in SZÚ Brno has been tested a boiler with rated capacity 59 kW with signification VERNER A 602. In the future, there will be boiler with rated capacity ranges of 59 kW, 79 kW and 119 kW and possibility to build these in a cascades with power up to 350 kW.

This new boiler has a flat burner of brand new design and its development has been based on experience with very successful boilers VERNER A25 and A50 and other related variants. The boiler has a considerable power adjustability. In the testing laboratory, the boiler was measured at 59 kW and 15 kW with practically the same emissions and efficiency for both mentioned powers. Connection to the superior computer via WiFi or communication interface is a matter of course. Intake of fuel is ensured from the hopper with a feeding screw and the design of the hopper is according to the request. There is also possibility to have an outside fuel reservoir or bigger hopper in the first floor.

Technical parameters:

Rated capacity 59 kW
Minimum power 15 kW
Emission class 5

The boiler has a one-row exchanger, so it has not any reversing chambers that have to be cleaned. The boiler has also the automatic cleaning of the exchanger thanks to the movable turbulators. There is possibility to install an automatic deashing system or computer control – touchscreen. Possible control from PC, tablet or cell phone.

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